Bigbite Productions


Here are some details about the rates for various project components. These rates are a starting point, and after we talk we'll develop a custom estimate that is tailored to your particular project scope and budget. The first half hour of consultation is free of charge. Rates are accurate as of 2016.

Video Production

The production scenario will vary depending on whether the project is a short film, documentary, training video, formal interview or ad spot, and also depending on crew size, production hours, and length of the final video.  A full day includes up to 10 hours (half day five hours) including travel time.

  • Camera work: $950 day / $500 half day - one camera/sound unit with cinematographer
  • Lighting designer: $950 day / $500 half day - lightning designer and equipment
  • Sound designer: $700 day / $400 half day - sound designer and equipment
  • Additional production hours: $120/hr
  • Editing and other post-production: $120/hr - Final Cut Pro editing suite, DVD Studio Pro authoring
  • Consultation and project management: $120/hr
  • Graphic Design

  • Base design rate: $120/hr.
  • Business cards, flyers, posters: $200-$600+ (estimate based on previous projects)
  • Original design of one detailed image: $300-$600+ (estimate based on previous projects)
  • Logo design: $500-$2000+ (estimate based on previous projects)
  • Web Design

    I currently focus on the installation and design customization of sites built on the WordPressJoomla or PrestaShop open source content management systems. I also create and customize graphics and video for existing websites.

    General rates

    Web design and coding: $120/hr or $1000-$6000+ for the project.  An average Joomla or PrestaShop installation and customization will be around $2000.

    Consultation and project management: $120/hr.

    WordPress packages

    WordPress is built on a robust open-source platform, has many customization options, and is relatively easy to update without special web expertise. I can save you time by navigating the setup process and recommending and implementing directions for design customization and organizing content. Here are the two most common types of projects that I create for people:

    Basic yet elegant: $500 + template fee (usually $40-$70) and hosting fees/domain name registration (if necessary). This is for a basic, though elegant, site with a small number of pages and not extensive graphics customization. We will consult to determine the direction you need for your site, I'll take care of any domain name and hosting set-up and WordPress installation, we will choose a premium template to shape the look of the site, and I will set it up with content that you provide me. We will review the site organization together so that you will be able to handle updates yourself.

    Content- or graphics- intensive: $1500 + template fee (usually $40-$70) and hosting fees/domain name registration (if necessary). This will include everything in the basic site, but I can make more pages for you, spend time helping you organize and proof your content and create more customized graphics. This could involve one major custom graphic for a logo or header, or several more minor customizations throughout the site.